Moving to Netlify

After all, I am moving to Netlify, powered by blog.nuxt, which is also for SEO purposes.


Also, Netlify is easier for a more complex setup (uses build script), just like Heroku; but Netlify might load faster than Heroku for static pages.

Move to new URL notice

I have moved to https://zhsrs.herokuapp.com, to utilize a database (MongoDB), and possibly create User Management and Quizzes in the future. Also, to handle even more posts and resources.

I will try to keep the same layout, though.

Learning Chinese using Git -- ZhLab

Apparently, yesterday, I made a Chinese learning resources, aggregated from various textbooks. I plan to make it mostly in JSON format (see /resourcesοΌ‰, for easy computerized parsing. I am a tech guy after all.

I also move the contents from https://zhdiary.now.sh and https://patarapolw.github.io/zh-slides to here.